A warm welcome to all International visitors! Here you'll find my ready-to-print-and cut .PDF Templates, Silhouette .STUDIO cut-files and much more for sale! There are also some freebies! Please use the Google Translate button at the right sidebar to translate this page in your language! All orders can be payed by PayPal or IBAN. Prices are in € EURO. Please look at my Terms & Conditions page for more information.
Further information on the used materials etc. can be found on our personal blogs; links are in the right sidebar!

---- Do you want to order??? Please sent me an email with the required # numbers/names!! ---

Terms & Conditions

For International orders, here are my Terms & Conditions:

- All prices are in € EURO (excl. Paypal costs).
- No minimum order amount (any order is welcome!).
- Delivery by email after Payment.
- No extra shipping costs, everything goes by email.
- Linking back to my shop is really appreciated.

All orders can be paid by Paypal. Paypal uses some taxes for transportation of the costs. These costs are about 4% of the total amount + € 0,35 for each order. These costs are for your account because of my low prices for the templates!

After receiving your order, you'll receive my order confirmation by email with Paypal link for making the transfer. So you have to wait untill my payment request!!
I don't accept payment costs by creditcard!
So, all extra costs are yours!!  (these are just the minimum extra Paypal costs).

For European orders, i also accept Internet banking (if your bank won't charge you extra for international orders).
I will sent IBAN and BIC codes by email with your order confirmation!

Take the following steps to place an order:

1- Look in my shop for (all) the templates/text you like and remember the name and number #  (mentioned in the subject of any post)
2- Click on any pink 'Check-out' sign, an blanc email form will appear:

If the email form will not appear for any reason, please sent a regular email to sandrastrijland@gmail.com to make you order.
3- Fill in the names/numbers of the templates you want and if you want the extra option for .STUDIO files and your way of payment (Paypal or IBAN) and sent me the email!
4- Your order will be confirmed by me and you'll receive my bank account number for payment or i will sent you a Paypal payment request.
5- After receiving the payment, your order will be sent to you by email as soon as possible!


Please note that all my .PDF templates, digitexts and .STUDIO cutfiles are on Copyright! The templates are for private use only!
Please don't spread/share my files, publish it on Internet, use it for publication in magazines or for workshops/demo's/Challenges without my permission and/or before my written consent!
It takes me a lot of time to create these templates so please be so kind and don't remove my watermark/logo and place it as your own or copy my ideas!
If you don't follow these rules/procedures, i will take action and further steps.

Silhouette cutfiles:
All templates in the shop are available in . STUDIO V3 format for those who have a Silhouette cutting machine (Original, SD or Cameo). If you don't have this machine, you don't have to order/buy these files)! You'll receive the cutting files for a small amount extra when you buy the original .PDF template. The .STUDIO files are not sold separately, as all the instructions are mentioned at the .PDF.
If you've already bought the .PDF template before and you also want to have the cutting file later? Send me an email, you pay only the extra price of course (# .. a) below the dashed line at the pink cash register!
The . STUDIO cutting files include the fold lines, so you can see exactly where you should fold it. If you do not want your machine to cut these lines, ungroup the file and delete them!


At more difficult projects i will email you instructions.
Please note that these files may not be 100% perfect English as i am not a translator! This is just extra service to my customers! Offcourse you can always email me if you have any questions!
Less difficult project have a short instruction enclosed at the email.

Print instructions

All templates are in 100% size, so they are exactly the size i made them. Just simply push the printbutton in Adobe and make sure your settings look like this picture below. Please note that the name of your printer may vary and that this is the Dutch version!

Push OK and you are ready to print and cut!
All pages should be printed at the same settings, otherwise the elements won't fit together!


I would really love to see what you've made with my templates!
I have made Gallery pages at the top of my shop. Here you can find quite a lot of creations made by other customers! Scroll down for the latest templates and get inspired! Do you want your creation added to my Gallery with your bloglink? Please email me the pictures and link and i will make sure it will be there.


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If you do have questions, please feel free to email me by clicking on the pink mailbox.

Thank you!